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What would it be worth to know what positions the "Greatest Traders on Earth" held in their accounts, each and every week?

"U.S. Government Report Traders Positions to Public" - Learn how Savvy Traders Track and Trade with the positions of the Largest - Most well Informed Traders in the World - The Big GUNS of the Commodities Markets
"Commercial Hedgers"

Keep reading to learn how you can gain Instant access to this perfectly legal "insider information"...

FACT: Wall Street insiders go to Jail for trading on Insider Information!

Commercial Hedgers go to Jail
NOT disclosing
 "Insider Information"

It's true, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission demands Commercial Hedgers report their positions.  The CFTC then compiles a weekly report that is provided to the public... and best of all - It's Completely FREE!

Don't take my word for it though, go to the CFTC's website now to see for yourself.

Now that you know the reported positions of the largest, most well informed traders (Commercial Hedgers) exists, what are you going to do with it?  This is the same question I asked myself in 1994 when I first learned of it.  Quite frankly I was trading the Commitments of Traders data for  5 years before I learned the most effective way to use the data.  It wasn't until I built my own COT database that I discovered a way that clearly spells out trade set-ups that precede the Biggest Commodity Moves of the YEAR!!

After Hundreds of hours of research, I made a very simple discovery - I'll share this discovery with all who subscribe to my weekly COT Update!


My name is Shay Campbell.  I want to share with you a very simple but powerful trading method that I use to catch the big commodity moves that come along once or twice a year per commodity market.  That's not to say I catch all of the moves, but overwhelmingly the COT data issues clear signs that the tide will soon turn, or it confirms the continuation of the current trend.

I began using Commitments of Traders data to make trading decisions about 10 years ago through a subscription to Commodity Trend Service's futures chart books. Each Monday I would get my chart books in the mail that were updated through the previous Fridays market close.

At that time the CFTC released the COT report on a bi-weekly basis so I had to wait every other week to get the COT data. Since this was my favorite indicator I would often wait for the chart books that published the COT data to make trading decisions.

One draw back to using the chart books by mail was that the Commitments of Traders data was sometimes hard to read on the chart.  In addition, the data was static on a piece of paper so I couldn't research the positions to see what worked best.  These early days of observing and trading the trends based on the chart books paved the way to research that would culminate in the creation of the COT Trend Trader method!

Before research could begin I had to make sense of the CFTC's cumbersome Commitments of Traders Report.  The obvious solution was to create a COT database to allow me to study the COT's positions as they came in week after week.  This wasn't an easy task nor was it a cheap one.  To see what I had to deal with, take a look at the Weekly COT Report issued by the CFTC.  My goal was to create a Historical COT database that could be systematically updated each and every week. 

This complete database can be Yours if you subscribe...
and best of all, It's Updated every week!

Now that the COT database was created I could run as many studies as necessary without having to worry about the data getting outdated.  Well that's exactly what I did until one day it hit me!

By this time I had already spent hundreds of hours analyzing the COT database but nothing had come close to this one simple idea.

Even before this revelation which I call the COT Trend Indicator, the COT net traders position proved to be the most valuable tool I had ever seen to predict Commodity Futures movements.  The "net position" is a simple calculation but a powerful indicator.  Just take the total long positions of all the reporting commercial traders and subtract the total short positions of all the reporting commercials, and there you have it - Commercials Net Position.

If the net position number is positive, then the commercials are "net long".  If the net position number is negative, then the commercials are "net short". 

Take a look at the British Pound chart below.  The bottom panel of the chart displays the commercial net position.

By its self, the commercials net position works relatively well identifying major tops and bottoms.  Just before the Pound moves up you can see the Commercials build on their long positions until the market starts moving in their direction.  The same is true for the down legs as well. 

As you can see from the above chart, the commercials net position is flashing a major sell set-up in the British pound.  The commercials are collectively short more contracts than in the last 4 years.  Only twice in the last 4 years have the commercials been so "net short".  But wait... don't short the Pound just yet, the set-up is just one step in the COT Trend Trader Method. 

I don't mean to downplay the usefulness
of the raw COT data...

In fact, until my discovery of the COT Trend Indicator, I had never seen another "Trading Indicator" that worked as well as what's displayed above.  Now I have an even better way to use the COT data to identify Major Commodity Turning Points!

That's exactly what I want to share with you!  Actually there's 3 things I'm offering You:

COT Trend Trader Method

  • COT Trend indicator

  • Trigger parameters- When to Buy or Sell

  • Trade Management

The Historical COT Database

  • Historical COT files for 40 markets (Jan. 2000 to present)

  • File formats - Excel and MetaStock

  • Weekly Updates - Every Friday evening after CFTC release

COT Trend Trader Chart Room

  • Access COT charts with your web browser (no software)

  • Charts include COT Trend Indicator plotted right on them

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I already know what your thinking... I get emails from people everyday  asking - "Why is the COT Trend Trader Subscription so cheap"?

My answer is simple:

  1. I have already done the hard work, creating the Historical COT Database and finding the best way to use the Commercial net positions to identify major market turns in the Commodity Futures Markets.  Why not share this discovery with other traders who want to succeed?

  2. A website today costs less than $200 a year to maintain which means with only a dozen subscriptions I'm already at breakeven!

  3. I'm addicted to the markets!  Spending an hour a week setting up my charts to determine what trades need to be placed isn't enough for me.  I welcome all subscribers to communicate with me about the markets.  In fact, this is the most rewarding aspect of running the website.

Since you've taken the time to read
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This is a no questions asked guarantee! Just cancel your subscription and you will immediately be issued a prorated refund via Paypal. The last thing I want is for anyone to be unhappy with me or my offer!

The COT Trend Trader method is yours to keep no matter when you decide to cancel.

Good Trading,

Shay Campbell


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