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COT Update

Track the commitments of traders with your
spreadsheet or charting program!

For the price of about one round turn per calendar quarter, you will gain access to the most valuable fundamental information  available to commodity futures traders, the Commitments of Traders Net Positions, in chartable format.  In addition, you will get instant access to the COT TrendTrader™ to help you use the COT net positions to identify which commodities are positioned for the next BIG Move! 

Weekly downloadable net trader positions  (data available each Friday evening)

2 Formats available: ASCII text | Excel worksheet 4.0

  • Most charting programs can read the COT ASCII text file directly
  • Convert to Metastock files for those programs that require it
  • Use spreadsheet functions to analyze historical tendencies
  • Test these free sample files on your charting program

Data is derived from the CFTC's Options and Futures Combined report!
                (provides better trading signals than the futures only data)

You get both historical and the most recent net traders positions, updated weekly!

Net position files include: Commercials || Large Traders || Small Speculators

40 markets tracked - See the charts section of this website for a complete list

You will have over 3 years of historical net positions for each commodity

(files contain all of the history available since the CFTC started releasing the COT report on a weekly basis (January 2000)

Here's how it works

1) Download the free sample files and make sure you can get them to work with your spreadsheet or charting program.

2) Determine which of the three COT Updates you want to sign up for...

     A.  $8.50  - 30 Day Trial allows you to check out the service for 30 days
(Does NOT qualify for COT TrendTrader™ access)

     B. $17.50 - 3 month subscription auto billed every 3 months   32% SAVINGS
(Plus you'll gain instant access to the COT TrendTrader™)

     C. $27.00 - 6 month subscription auto billed every 6 months   50% SAVINGS
(Plus you'll gain instant access to the COT TrendTrader™)

3) Get instant Access!  Just hit the sign up button to go to PayPals' secure server

No start-up costs or contracts... Just pay as you go and cancel at anytime!



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